Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Hands displaying a heart on a tree.

Our Passion

Everyone at Junk Run is passionately committed to responsible rubbish removal and waste management. We are junk removers that reduce, reuse and recycle rubbish wherever we can.

At the same time as we’re getting rid of clutter and waste in your homes, workplaces, shops and construction sites, everyone at Junk Run gets a real kick out of reducing landfill and putting unwanted stuff to good use elsewhere.

We care deeply about our community and love that our work has such a positive impact on it.

For us, waste is not just a job it’s a calling. Read more about our industry leading sustainability policy here.

Passion led us here.

Our Vision

Junk Run sends junk to a better place. We are committed to honouring the intrinsic value of all materials, moving them back into the community wherever possible.

Junk Run’s core business is to collect waste materials from its customers and transform them into resources by redistributing them for reuse or recycling, through innovation and sector collaboration. We maximise redistribution by helping to build resource recovery networks and by supporting community organisations, collectors, artisans and enthusiasts.

We are dedicated to sustainable practice and to reducing the environmental impacts of our operations and of our customers’ waste materials. The waste revolution has begun with Junk Run.

Our Team

Junk Run Director Fionna Gotts

Fionna Gotts


“Outdoor Adventurer”

Junk Run Managing Director Ruth Boyes

Ruth Boyes

General Manager

“Drummer Girl”
“Health Advisor”

Junk Run team member Nicki

Nicki Hwang

Office Guru

“Soccer Girl”
“Tennis Fanatic”

Construction Waste Removal Manager David Wright

David Knight

Sustainability Visionary


Junk and Rubbish Removal Customer Service Manager Jordan

Jordan McElwain

Service Superstar

“Reports Wizard”
“Health & Wellbeing Blogger”

Waste Removal and Management Systems Manager

Andrew Newman

IT Whizz

Acupressure Therapist
“Audio Geek”

Waste Removal and Management Operations Manager

Evan Frost

Operations Captain

“Motorcycle Enthusiast”
“Bonsai Master”

Senior Junk Remover Senio

Senio Peato

Operations 2IC

“The Muscle”
“Motivation King”

Auckland Junk Remover Quentin

Quentin Grinter

The Go-to Guy

“Whiskey Connoisseur”
“Reallocation Champ”

Auckland Junk Remover Skye

Skye Goodhue

Junk Runner

“Tidy Kiwi”
“Car Crazy”

Auckland Junk Remover Jon

Jon Schwieters

Junk Runner

“Motor Head”

Auckland Junk Remover David T

David Toia

Junk Runner

“Apprentice Fisherman”
“Holden Fan”

Junk Removal Staff member

Luke Jago

Junk Runner

“Surfer, Paddle Boarder”
“Beer & Moustaches”

Junk Remover Sosiate

Sosaiete Ken Peato

Junk Runner

“Family and Gym”
“Socialising with Friends”

Working for Junk Run

The People Who Help Us Make It Happen

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for humanity and Junk Run have a unique partnership and have been working together for many years. Habitat provides a wonderful home building and renovation service to those desperately in need of appropriate shelter. We collect a wide range of building materials, such as cabinetry, fixtures and fitting from construction and demolition sites. Including brand new materials from building fit outs and new builds. Some of what we collect goes into building activities undertaken by the habitat team, such as running repairs and renovations for those in need of help. As well as that we deliver household furniture and good cross-purpose items from corporate office clear outs like tables and chairs, kitchen appliances, sofas and just about any junk that can be used again to wherever they are needed. These items all go towards raising funds through habitat’s Restore network that support their charitable activities.

Auckland Council

We have been working with Auckland Council’s ‘solid waste’ and ‘Towards zero waste’ teams for many years. We are all working tirelessly to effect significant and sustainable change to the way Aucklanders generate and manage waste. We have been recipients of two grants through the WMIF. One was awarded for an educator in the construction and demolition sector with a focus on helping builders identify waste that can be salvaged from demo sites. This was such a success that the same wonderful fellow we employed five years ago is still visiting sites and advising on sustainable salvage. The second one was for an ‘on site’ weighing and measuring project of demolition waste which has added value to our unique in house realtime recording for transparent reporting back to our clients.


At some stage we are all touched by the incredible work that Hospice provide. They rely on their network of retail outlets to raise much needed funding to support their invaluable activities. We have been delivering all sorts of household furniture and appliances to their warehouses for the many years. What may seem like junk and rubbish to you could be gold to others. We know what sells, so have been delivering all sorts of goodies from full house loads from deceased estates to downsizing of the family home and simply stuff that the kids left behind.

Sustainable Business Network

We have been active members of the sustainable business network for many years and have been proud to have been on the podium at awards night on more than one occasion. We have been actively involved in initiatives to reduce waste generated by the construction demolition sector and have been involved in waste reduction workshops and stewardship think-tank’s. Junk Run was a sponsor and participant for the launch of the Circular Economy initiative and continues to subscribe to the principles with everything we do. We love everything that these guys stand for!

Abilities Group

Abilities Group is an incorporated society dedicated to enriching the lives of people with disabilities through meaningful work and a sense of community. These wonderful people recycle all of the e-waste we pick up and deliver to them, including compressors, televisions, electric motors, computers, cables, servers, heaters, refrigeration and just about anything that is powered by electricity or battery. What’s so unique about this recycling centre is the great sense of community, fun and total engagement in the vision to recover every little component; right down to the recovery of precious metals and chemical compounds hidden within. Even mercury is extracted from fluorescent tubes and clean polystyrene is smelted to be used for new products. We recently supplied their offices with brand new monitors that were surplus to requirements from one of commercial Junk Run’s. It’s such an inspiring place on so many levels that every new member of the Junk Run staff have a site tour in their first week.


Without exception all of us at Junk Run are animal lovers, so supporting the SPCA comes easily to us. Residential rubbish collections are the most fruitful for blankets, towels and sheets for use at the animal shelters. But the out of date waste we pick up from the health clinics and surgeries, such as syringes, dressing, bandages and other medical tools are invaluable to the animal hospital. Cages and kennels show up frequently form residential rubbish collections and they go to the good people at P.A.W.S. to help with rehoming dogs.
In addition we take lots of household nicknacks to the SPCA shops that are dotted around Auckland where they sell them to raise funds for animal rescue.

Avoid Junk Removal Health & Safety Risks

Let us take the risk with your waste removal and waste management. Our team are Site Safe, First Aid, and Health and Safety Trained. We are Site Safe members. All “Junk Runners” have regular in-house and external training sessions on Health and Safety matters to keep all our team, our clients, their staff and the general public safe. Our policies, procedures and processes are externally audited and certified annually by Prequal/IMPAC and as part of our ECO Warranty and Akina Foundation certification.  We have experience and expertise working around busy people on live sites and in tight spaces – so leave the health and safety site management to us.

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