Meet the Team

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Our Passion

Everyone at Junk Run is passionately committed to responsible waste disposal – reducing, reusing and recycling rubbish wherever we can.

At the same time as we’re getting rid of clutter and waste in your homes, workplaces, shops and construction sites, everyone at Junk Run gets a real kick out of reducing landfill and putting unwanted stuff to good use elsewhere.

We care deeply about our community and love that our work has such a positive impact on it.

For us, waste is not just a job it’s a calling. Read more about our industry leading sustainability policy here.

Passion led us here.

Our Vision

Junk Run sends junk to a better place. We are committed to honouring the intrinsic value of all materials, moving them back into the community wherever possible.

Junk Run’s core business is to collect waste materials from its customers and transform them into resources by redistributing them for reuse or recycling, through innovation and sector collaboration. We maximise redistribution by helping to build resource recovery networks and by supporting community organisations, collectors, artisans and enthusiasts.

We are dedicated to sustainable practice and to reducing the environmental impacts of our operations and of our customers’ waste materials. The waste revolution has begun with Junk Run.

Fionna Gotts

Sales and Marketing Manager Ruth Boyes

Ruth Boyes
Sales & Marketing

Junk Run Accounts Manager Carol

Carol Ramachandran

David Wright
Construction Manager

Andrew Newman
IT Manager

Jordan McElwain
Customer Services

Operations Manager

Evan Frost
Operations Manager

Senio Peato
Junk Runner

Quentin Grinter
Junk Runner

Randal - Junk Run Team Member

Gene Wihongi
Junk Runner

Randal - Junk Run Team Member

Randall Cochrane
Junk Runner

Davor Kassum
Junk Runner

Matt Harrington
Junk Runner

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