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Insights into sustainability and waste management.

Two Junk Run rubbish removal trucks in front of Auckland Museum.
Two old and rusty fridges.

What Can I Do with My Old Fridge?

One of the more common questions we get asked at Junk Run is – “Can you take away my old fridge”? And/or “How much does it cost to remove my old fridge?
Inorganic waste removal

How do I book a free inorganic rubbish collection with Auckland Council?

If you are a ratepayer in Auckland then you are entitled to one free collection of your inorganic rubbish per year.
Old mattress disposal

How do I get rid of an old mattress?

NZ Bed retailers reported a huge spike in sales through and post lockdown. The result? We have been inundated with calls to remove old mattresses.
Waste removal Auckland

Waste Removal Auckland

Auckland waste removal encompasses so many things. Taking out the bins at home, downsizing, putting things into a skip bin or flexi bag, and dealing with traffic.
Reused car tyres

Used Tyre Removal and Recycling

Tyres are a huge issue in the country. We’re almost at three cars per household when only 30 years ago we were barely one.
Furniture in school reallocated from New Zealand.

Used Furniture Furnishes a School in Tonga

“We wanted to make sure we disposed of the furniture responsibility, so partnered with Junk Run to arrange the sustainable reuse of our old equipment.”
Rubbish trucks central city

Auckland Central Waste Removals

This month Junk Run was called in to look at a job on Victoria Street, right next to one of the busiest bus stops and pedestrian walkways in Auckland.
Man after funeral

Tips For Handling A Deceased Estate House Clearance

If you find yourself grieving the loss of a loved one who has left behind a house full of possessions – there is a lot to be dealt with.
Waste reduciton is needed

The Need for Waste Reduction

In our collective eagerness to get back to a post lockdown normal, it will be all too easy to slip back to our old consumeristic ways.
Sustainable Building Practices

Sustainable Building Waste Removal that Doesn’t Cost the Earth

Paul from Twin Solutions building knows about sustainable building practices and that adding eco-friendly features to your home doesn’t have to cost the earth.
Sustainable NZ grown mushrooms

Spawning New Business from Waste

Lennart Prinz, known more commonly as Lenny, grows exotic organic mushrooms in the beautiful Waikato town of Raglan.
A red skip bin full of waste in Auckland.

Skip Hire Alternatives for Renovation and Construction

Skip Bins are the reality for many residential customers doing renovation work at home. But no one questions what is going to happen to the waste that is created.
A senior couple sitting on a park bench.

Practical Tips To Help Elderly Parents Downsize

The story is all too familiar, Mum and Dad need to downsize and move after having lived in one house for a good chunk of their married lives.
Polystyrene cups need recycling

Polystyrene Reuse and Recycling

Polystyrene is one of those materials that’s everywhere around us, and half the time we don’t even realise.
Old paint tin

Paint Recycling Guide

We wish to share with you some tips on how to get rid of your old paint in a responsible way. Many types of junk and waste can be recycled and this includes old paint.
Old piano with damaged key

Old Piano Removal Guide

We get lots of questions about Pianos, as they are very heavy and expensive to move. You need to know a bit about old pianos to understand if they have any resale value.
MDF medium density fireboard health issue

MDF, a Recycling and Health Nightmare…

MDF, what is it and why is MDF recycling non-existent in New Zealand? Most modern kitchens, office desks, and retail shop fittings - MDF is literally everywhere.
A secondhand display cabinet

Junk Run rehomes a second hand display cabinet with Howick Historical Village

Junk Run visited Howick Historical Village in Auckland to deliver a preloved display cabinet for their gift shop or museum, plus some old Victorian irons.
NZGBC Green Star logo

Green Star and Homestar Waste Management and Removal

New Zealand is a wonderful place to live. But where housing is concerned the quality of pre-2000 New Zealand housing is a sore on New Zealand’s living standards.
e waste recycling

E-waste Recycling in New Zealand

Electronic waste or e-waste is one of New Zealand’s fastest growing waste streams. Junk Run is at the front line of Auckland e-waste recycling.
Junk Run loading a truck

Corporate Environmental Sustainability

Good corporate environmental sustainability does more than just save the planet. It also saves money!
School recycling project

Civil Share Waste Reallocation App Helps School Boys Build Office for Free

Students from Auckland’s Westlake Boys High School used the waste reallocation app CivilShare to source their building materials.
Lots of used batteries

Battery Recycling in Auckland

Take a moment to think about how many batteries you and your family get through each year? Then consider the environmental impact.
Sorted construction waste on a junk run truck.

Working towards a zero waste site

Did you know that a typical new residential build produces 4.5 tonnes of waste per house and most of it ends up in skips headed for landfill?
A flexibin full of construction waste

Flexibins, Flexibags and Junk Run

Here at Junk Run we get lots of calls each week from people who have bought a Flexibin or Flexi bag option and then found that their full bag will not be collected.