Junk Run rubbish trucks in Auckland Central

This month Junk Run was called in to look at a job on Victoria Street, right next to one of the busiest bus stops and pedestrian walkways in Auckland.

This bus stop runs constantly from 5 am – so moving construction waste across the path of pedestrians with no loading bay available was a massive health and safety risk to all involved.

Our client really wanted as much of the de-fit waste materials that were being removed from the site to be re-used or re-allocated, and not sent to landfill. Junk Run was the obvious choice for a no hassle, sustainable CBD construction waste removal.

Firstly, we had to assess the site and all the logistics.

  •      The site had shared access onto the public street with high CBD foot traffic.
  •      There was another way to move the waste out, however this was off a balcony – which was assessed to be unsafe.

Junk Run have strict Health and Safety policies in place to mitigate risk. After a lengthy discussion with our Health and Safety officer, we decided it was best to use the front entrance prior to the bus services commencing and with few pedestrians.

While the client had offered to meet us onsite at 4 am, we were able to organise to pick up the keys the day before, ensuring they were able to get an extra three hours of sleep whilst we got on with the job. The builder arrived at a clean site which was ready for a refit.

If you have a site with tricky access, time or location restrictions like the above CDB waste removal – or you just don’t want to send your waste to landfill, then Junk Run is your first choice and a great alternative to skip bin hire.

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