Construction and Demolition Waste Removal

Construction and Demolition Waste Removal


Over 80% of the waste going to landfill in the Auckland region is made up of building and construction waste, demolition waste and residential renovation waste. Junk Run construction waste removal has been part of the solution through to help reduce this unsustainable statistic since 2005. We have built up extensive networks for resource recovery and responsible recyclers to ensure over 70%* of what we collect (* on average) is diverted away from landfill. We are award winning members of the Sustainable Business Network and are finalists in the 2019 “Going Circular Award” for the Sustainable Business Network. We are also active members of the New Zealand Green Building Council.

Managing Construction Waste Pick Ups

There are options other than skips available to you for construction waste. In NZ we have this “skip bin” mentality in the construction industry which has to change. Hand sorting and separating items doesn’t cost much more than the traditional Skip Bin (link to new skip bin page), but it does mean we can divert and rescue much more. It also means your building team can continue their building work, and you can leave the waste up to us as the experts. This reduces your Health and Safety risks from slips, trips, sprains and falls. Whether we are craning waste in and out of a multi storey large site, going up and down lifts in tight CBD commercial locations or walking waste out of a shopping mall – we have experience in all these areas, and practical cost effective solutions that can work for you.

Green Star Waste Removal Plans

As industry leaders in this space we have developed bespoke inhouse technology that allows us to provide you with full transparent reports detailing all the waste removed from your site, reported in both weight and volume. As we hand sort and separate each item there is no guessing. We detail accurately what we picked up and where the items ended up. All our work is backed up by photographs of each load. These reports are recognised by Green Star to help you maximise the number of credits available for waste minimisation and waste management for your Green Star project. We can also do a pre-project asset map of all the items that can be diverted, set up a practical waste management plan with your team, and then work with you through the project with regular reporting and meetings to ensure our waste diversion is maximised. If you need us to do a tool-box talk with your on-site team, do some training with your management staff or talk with your clients or consultants- we can help.

What happens to Construction Waste

We love finding smarter ways of reusing unwanted items, and we do just about anything we can to keep from adding to New Zealand’s landfill woes. We sniff out every little thing that can be reused, whether that’s sending construction and demolition items to be reused, or cardboard, timber, metals, glass and aggregate to be recycled, we work tirelessly to find a second or third life for your construction waste through our network of strategic partnerships with charities. We are certified by the Akina Foundation and we are at the forefront of the waste industry, recognised by local and national government, awarded by the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Business network for our work to reduce the impact on the environment. We are the only waste company certified with an International ECO warranty ISO 14001 and all our team are Health and Safety (Site Safe) and First Aid certified.

We may love rubbish, but we hate waste. Which is why we are leading the change, tackling the way New Zealander’s think of – and deal with – waste. That’s why we do everything we can to reuse, repurpose and recycle your unwanted construction and demolition waste to try to encourage New Zealander’s to think of more sustainable options that just ordering a skip or hiring a bin. By choosing Junk Run you are choosing an option that is not only much easier and cost effective for you – but you are also reducing your impact on the environment.

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