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Demolition Auckland

Demolition & Deconstruction with Reallocation and Recycling.


Junk Run can provide environmentally friendly sustainable demolition – or deconstruction services as we like to call it! Our experienced Site Safe qualified team can provide a pre job waste audit to identify which materials can be reused, gifted to local community recipients, or recycled. We can then set up a waste management plan, and work to ensure the deconstruction of your site maximises safety and sustainability and minimises the waste going to landfill.

Auckland Demolition Services

An interior demolition job in Auckland

Junk Run has been based in the Auckland region since 2010. We want to send your demolition or deconstruction waste to a better place. Too many demolition projects involve smashing everything to pieces to go into a skip or into a truck and off to landfill. There is a better way – to treat the materials with integrity to ensure as much as possible gets reused or at least recycled. We operate across all areas of West Auckland, East Auckland, Auckland CBD, the North Shore and South Auckland.

Commercial Deconstruction and Demolition

Auckland office strip out

We are experienced in strip outs of commercial, hospitality and office buildings and can provide safe, sustainable, and efficient deconstruction and demolition services in the Auckland region. These includes:

  • Removing internal partitions

  • Uplifting floor coverings 

  • Full or partial floor strip outs

  • Dismantling and removing office furniture

  • Removing glazing and glass

  • Removing walls and concrete

  • Removing ceiling tiles

  • Removing gib and plaster board

  • Removing fixtures and fittings

Trusted Demolition Contractors

Team member on a demolition waste removal truck

We are fully licensed waste operators with Auckland Council and hold public liability insurance including for Airside work. Our team are all Site Safe qualified, full time uniformed employees who are all highly trained professionals who are regularly upskilled. Our Health and Safety procedures are externally audited by Prequal/IMPAC and we hold a 5 out of 5 star rating. We are also members of Sustainable Business NetworkNew Zealand Green Building Council for Green star and Home star projects and Master Builders Auckland.

House Demolition

House demolition waste

Are you considering residential demolition work as part of a DIY or building project? Or- are you removing an entire house from a section to develop it? Let’s talk before you smash everything to pieces and throw it into a skip. We work with social enterprises who are using second-hand houses to teach young vulnerable youth building skills. They may want your old house as a refurbishment project. Or they may be able to reuse the materials and items you are planning to pull out or demolish to build new things. We have been involved in the circular economy – putting your Auckland demolition waste to good use since 2010.

Resource Recovery Specialists

Resource recovery specialists

We always do a pre-start waste audit to identify what materials can be reused or recycled. Then we follow a waste management plan. Our team will carefully deconstruct on site to maintain the integrity of the materials we are removing. We hand sort, separate and load where necessary to save materials. This allows as much as possible to be reused within the local community by charities, social enterprises and community groups. If materials cannot be reused as they are, then we will look for responsible recycling options before considering landfill.

At the conclusion of your demolition/ deconstruction project we can provide a full report. This demolition and deconstruction report will detail all the waste streams removed and where they ended up. Your demolition and deconstruction report will be in volume and weight per waste stream, with transparent accurate figures.

Materials Reallocation and Recycling

waste heirachy

We focus on the waste hierarchy with our demolition and deconstruction projects and will try to get as much as possible reused or recycled. A high percentage of the materials we remove are able to be diverted from landfill with careful work and the networks and connections we have built up over the years. We focus on supplying the materials we remove back out into the local NZ community rather than sending things offshore for other countries to deal with.

Need help with your waste management?

Junk removers removing waste in Auckland.