E-Waste Collection and Recycling

We Recycle and Re-purpose Your E-waste

E-Waste Collection and Recycling

We Recycle and Re-purpose Your E-waste

Junk Run is at the front line of Auckland e-waste (electronic goods) recycling. As part of our commercial waste removal service we remove, reallocate and recycle tons of e-waste every year. The best estimate the New Zealand Government has for the amount of e-waste disposed into landfill per year is around 80,000 tonnes – equating to 17kg per person per year.

E-Waste Removal

Here at Junk Run we can safely remove all your e- waste. If you need a certificate for secure destruction for any sensitive computer hard drives we can provide that for you too.

E_waste ready for recycling.

E-Waste Recycling

We can collect any of your E waste and together with our strategic partners we will ensure your e waste is recycled safely, rather than dumped in landfill.

Auckland e-waste collection.

Auckland Wide Pick-Up

We operate all over the Greater Auckland area for sustainable e-waste collection. Collection areas include West Auckland, East Auckland, North Shore, South Auckland and the City for responsible e-waste collection.

Computer cases collected and separated for recycling.

What We Collect

We can take TV’s (both CRT & flat screen), printers, audio and video equipment (VCR’s & DVD Players), radios and old stereo systems, computers (laptops, tablets, desktops) and computer accessories, telephones (mobile & landline), whiteware, home appliances, cables & wires. Anything that is powered by an electrical power cord or a battery.

Secure destruction of e-waste hard disks.

Where We Take It

If your item is still in good working order we will do our best to get it rehomed with a local charity or community group. If it is not working, we work with a number of partners including Abilities to get these items responsibly recycled to reduce the impact they have on our environment.

International Eco Warranty

Responsible Recycling

Use Junk Run for safe environmentally friendly e-waste recycling. If you put your old e-waste in the kerbside bin, skip bin or flexi bag they end up in landfill. E-waste contains highly neuro-toxic substances. These toxic substances can leak out of landfill after rainfall (this process is called leaching) and poison the surrounding land and any water.

We can get rid of any other rubbish, inorganic waste or construction waste that might be mixed in with your old furniture. 

We will sort and separate it, removing everything you don’t want and sweep it up afterwards.

A removal truck filled with junk furniture

Better than a Skip Bin

No guessing a size, no ugly bin, no loading it yourself, or getting “extras” thrown in by neighbours…

A pile of waste in a New Zealand landfill.

Keeping It Out of Landfill

70% of what we collect goes to charities, repairers and recycled into the local community.

Image of person counting money.

Fair and Flexible Fees

We only charge based on the amount of waste you have, and the time it will take us to collect it.

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