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Flexibin and Flexi Bag Comparison

Skip bin and flexi bin hire

Flexibins or Flexibags are a popular waste management solution

Flexibins or Flexibags are easily sourced for a relatively low initial cost through the big hardware retailers in NZ. When it comes to organising your Flexi Bag Flexibin collection however, there are more costs involved for you and even more costs for our environment. Most are made with woven polypropylene (plastic) and they are usually taken to the local landfill station.

Essentially this makes them a one-use giant plastic bag option for your waste. You will need to do all the work loading and lifting everything into the bag. Here at Junk Run we will do all that for you and we will hand sort and separate the items to minimise the amount that actually goes to landfill.

Junk Run is not affiliated with Flexibin but we are often called in to remove Flexibins when the Flexibin Company are unable to pick them up as discussed below.

Flexi Bins – The Real Cost

An overfilled flexibin.

Flexibins are purchased for an initial upfront cost which starts from $43.90 for a 2 sized bag and $54.90 for a 3m³ bag which is the biggest you can buy. Flexibin collection costs are where things start adding up. You will need to factor in another approx $125 (2) or $149 (3m³) per bag for the Auckland area. It’s also worth checking reviews regarding reliability and timeliness.

Junk Run pickups are not fixed at a set amount as we can fill up to 12 per truck. Our rate per is higher but we do everything for you including all the lifting and carrying. See our comparison of Flexibin vs Junk Run prices here. These prices were up to date as of  1st July, 2022. You can check Flexi Bin pick up pricing by going to this page and entering your address on the Flexibin booking page

Loading Do’s and Don’ts

An overfilled flexibin

Flexibins must to be placed inside your property (unlike this one), but the collection truck needs to have a 3 metre wide drive and 9m high clearance for pick up. The bag cannot have anything poking out the top. You cannot load them with tyres, fluorescent tubes, chemicals, gas or petrol or any food waste. Junk Run can take tyres and fluoro tubes for a small extra fee. Junk Run only needs a height clearance of 3m or less, or we can park on the road and our Junk Runners hand collect items from anywhere on your property.

Flexibin Pick Up

Junk Run staff removing a flexibin

Your Flexibin pick up will need to be prepaid and booked in advance. Once you have done this you will need to wait for pick up which can take up to 5 working days. If you make any mistakes your loading or positioning it will not go ahead, and the bag will be left behind. You will have no such worries with Junk Run collections. We take lots of calls from people caught out and still waiting much longer than 5 days, and up against a deadline (moving house/ big special event/ builders). We can be there the same day or next day.

A Smart Alternative

A flexibin that could not be removed from a residential property.

A Junk Runner is shown above removing waste from a Flexibin. We are not associated with the Flexibin Company but sometimes get called in to remove them if they haven’t followed Flexibin’s rules or the client can’t wait longer for a pick up.

We may love rubbish, but we hate waste. Which is why we are leading the change, tackling the way New Zealander’s think of – and deal with – waste. That’s why we do everything we can to reuse, repurpose and recycle your unwanted items.

We are passionate about helping our communities and our environment. Our commitment to charitable sustainability practices means we will put your waste to work for many great not-for-profit causes.

Work Smarter and Faster

skip bin hire alternative

Junk Run™ comes with two Junk Runners and a 12m³ truck. Perfect for hard to access construction or commercial sites, warehouses, apartments and residential rubbish pickups. We’ll load it all up from around your house or site and sweep up afterwards.

If you only have a few things to get rid of then check out our guide to DIY junk removal in Auckland.

NZ Sustainable Business Network Awards 2019 Finalist Badge

By choosing Junk Run you are choosing an option that is not only much easier and cost effective for you – but you are also reducing your impact on the environment.

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Junk removers removing waste in Auckland.