A flexibin full of construction waste

A comparison of Junk Run versus Flexibins or Flexibags

Here at Junk Run we get lots of calls each week from people who have bought a Flexibin or bag option from one of the big hardware stores and then found that their full bag will not be collected. We thought we would work through the differences between Flexibins/bags as an option versus booking a Junk Run pick up and why we get called in so often to assist.

Let’s start with the costs in the Auckland area:

Flexibin Auckland costs

2m3: purchase price of $39.95 + a $145.00 collection fee = $184.95 total
3m3: purchase price of $49.95 + a $165.00 collection fee = $214.95 total

Junk Run costs

For residential household waste
2m3 $140 (plus GST) = $161.00 total
3m3 $210 (plus GST) = $241.50 total

For construction and renovation waste, the Junk Run fee is $170 (plus GST) for up to 2m3 and then $85 per cubic metre after this. It is cheaper if the construction waste is pre-sorted into clear piles.

Although this is slightly more expensive than a Flexibin, read on below to learn about the ease of use and environmental advantages of using the hands on separating service of Junk Run.

Do you know your weight?

Flexi bins won’t be collected if you have over filled them. They cannot be loaded with anything sticking out of the top (unlike the image above). They have weight limits of 200kg per cubic metre which can be hard for you to predict. If your bag is overweight extra fees apply or it will be left behind. There is no weight limit for a Junk Run pick up unless you have a pile of concrete aggregate or heavy tiles in which case some extra charges will apply. We are often called in to take away an overfilled Flexibin/bag that has been left behind. There is no refund offered for your prepaid Flexibin collection fee either if you are overweight or overfull and the bag is left behind.

Heavy lifting

Booking Junk Run means the actual physical effort of moving the junk from wherever it is (in your house, under your house, in your garden, the garage or on the deck) is done for you. The Junk Runners will do the lifting and carrying and will expertly load it on to the trucks so that there is no wasted space to maximise the amount you can fit into your pick-up. You will have to do your own lifting and carrying and load the Flexibin/bag yourself which is not always a suitable option for everyone and creates and health and safety hazard.

What you cannot put in a Flexibag or flexibin

Flexibins will not be collected if they contain batteries, tyres or fluorescent tubes. Junk Run charges a small extra cost for tyres and fluoro tubes, but we will take them and they will go to be recycled.
Both Flexibins and Junk Run will not take hazardous items such as asbestos, petrol, gas bottles, paints, chemicals or food waste. Remember, your Flexibin prepaid pick up fee will not be refunded if the bag cannot be removed due to any of these items being present. If Junk Run turns up and you have any of these things, we will still complete our job, but will leave these things behind.

How wide is your drive?

A Flexibin/bag has to be left in a specific place in order to be collected. They stipulate that the bin/bag must not be left on the roadside or on your council berm, as this is illegal (like the one pictured above). Be prepared with your tape measure as the bag must be left inside your property boundary, but no further than FOUR metres from the kerbside. They can be collected from the property, but only if your driveway access is at least 4.5 metres wide with a height clearance of 9m above the place where you put your bag! You need to be careful with overhead trees, electrical wires and carports or overhanging decks. (See picture below). Check all these things carefully before you start to load it, or you might be left with a full bag that no one will collect. Don’t forget that your prepaid pick up fees are not refundable if the company cannot collect your bag due to any of this.

A junk runner removing waste from a flexibin.