Junk Removal Auckland

Junk Removal Auckland

A guide to removing, reusing, recycling and disposing of Rubbish and Junk in Auckland

When the rubbish piles up and you’re short on time, professional junk removal is the obvious option in Auckland. However, the best solution for fast, cost-effective and reliable removal can depend on how much waste you have, where it’s located, and what type of waste it is.

The following guide will help you find the right solution for your waste removal, no matter if you have a huge pile of rubbish or just a few items such as old furniture or home appliances.

How much junk or rubbish do you have?

Junk removal companies often price their service by the cubic meter so it’s helpful to figure out how many cubic metres of rubbish you have. You may ask, “How large is a cubic metre?” Well here’s some examples to help give you an idea:
An average sized fridge is ⅔ of a cubic metre, a two seater sofa is about one cubic metre, a filled up small trailer like what you’d rent from the petrol station is about two cubic metres.

What type of service should you call?

If you think you have over two cubic metres then it will be worth your while to call Junk Run. If you have a substantial amount of junk, your best choice is to call Junk Run who offer a fast, reliable and sustainable rubbish and junk removal service; simply pick up the phone and call 021 586 544 to get your junk or rubbish pickup booked today.

If you just have one or two items of household junk or a small amount of waste then it may not be cost effective to call a rubbish removal company. For household junk disposal you could consider taking the waste to a local transfer station (refuse station) yourself. Of course, if a reliable and sustainable service is your priority then call us but we do have a minimum pick up of two cubic meters so rustle up as much as possible or check to see if a neighbour would like share the Junk Run.

But will my junk and rubbish go straight to the dump?

Not with Junk Run! We reallocate all reusable items back into the community. If we can’t reallocate it then we will recycle. Junk Run is New Zealand’s most sustainable waste company and the only holder of an International certified ECO warranty.
We’ve won awards for sustainability and have been recognised by both Central and local government bodies for our commitment to reducing waste to landfill and for our commitment to community. If you choose to use a smaller operator please make the responsible choice and ask them where the waste will really end up.

Book a Council Inorganic Collection to get your Junk Removed?

If you have a small amount of junk or rubbish to pick-up then the Auckland Council can help. When we fall in love with the latest big flat screen TV, that new sofa or decide to treat ourselves to a new mattress or the double door stainless steel fridge, very few of us actually stop to think how we are going to “get rid of” the items these are replacing – or what happens when these new things need to be moved on. We get a lot of calls asking the “how do I get rid of“ question? Doing the right thing with household rubbish removals outside your usual weekly Auckland council landfill bin or fortnightly rubbish recycling services can be a head scratcher. Options for doing the right thing with your household junk and rubbish removal, also depends on your postcode, which part of Auckland you live in. There are yearly opportunities for Auckland ratepayers to book one inorganic rubbish collection with Auckland council, but if you miss the window of time set aside for your area, then you will be out of luck. The council also only takes one cubic metre. Read our blog for more information on booking a free inorganic rubbish collection. As there are lots of things to remember.

Deceased Estates

Junk Run at a deceased estate junk removal.

Deceased estates are both physically and emotionally challenging. Junk Run specialise in offering a respectful and caring service when it comes to supporting you sort out a life lived and the belongings that go with it.


House full of junk before downsizing.

It’s amazing how much stuff we collect throughout our lifetimes with no great thought to where those preloved items might end up. At Junk Run we’ll make sure that it all finds its way back out into the community to be used and loved again.

Moving House

Junk removal before moving house.

Moving into a new house often means we buy new things. Or the house might simply be smaller. Then there’s all of the stuff you’ve stored under the house, in the garage or in the garden shed that just needs to go. There’s no need to add to the stress.

What do I do with junk and old household furniture?

Junk Run and North Shore Resource Centre

Take it to a charity

Some charities and second hand stores have vans with volunteers who may come and look at your items and they may take things that they are confident they can sell. They will only take what they can sell.

Trade Me Logo

Sell it on Trade Me

There is always Trade Me, Neighbourly and free stuff and other local community groups who maybe interested in your old furniture. For a fast and swift result you are best to list for $1 for a finite period of time with clear pick up guidelines.

Junk removal truck arriving to take junk.

Book a Junk Removal Service

All it takes is a phone call 021 586 544 to book Junk Run. Two experienced junk runners will be despatched in a truck to assess what you have and where it can go. They will give you a quote for the junk to go and do the job on the spot.

Removal of Used Household Goods

A used and broken freezer

Old Appliances and Whiteware

There are repairers and upcyclers, who will repair household appliances for reuse. If it’s not repairable Abilities have a unique approach to recycling, by salvaging all components from ewaste delivered to them instead of the old approach of just scrapping the metals and dumping the plastics and unwanted parts into landfill.

An old mattress

Old Mattresses

Good quality old mattresses can be sold through local second-hand platforms like Trade Me and Neighbourly, or try work friends. If they are in really good condition you can try a charity shop, but you may well have to take them there yourself. Some new mattress vendors take back your old one, so remember to ask. Failing that you could try Junk2Go.

An old piano

Old Pianos

We get lots of questions about Pianos, as they are very heavy and expensive to move. We find that most of the time the best thing to do is list it for sale on TradeMe for $1. It’s a BIG topic so please click here to read a helpful blog post on piano removals we’ve written on the subject.

A selection of unwanted stationary

Fabric and Office Supplies

Items that can be used for art and craft projects are often welcomed by local childcare centres and primary schools. Old wrapping paper, ribbons, wool, fabrics, coloured paper are some examples. On the North Shore there is an art resource centre in Birkenhead. In the West Auckland area there is an art resource centre in New Lynn.

Outdoor Furniture

Here at Junk Run we have lots of connections and will do our best to rehome outdoor furniture sets. Chairs and tables can be recycled if they are beyond reuse. Mouldy outdoor cushions can be washed and often they look surprisingly new. If you bought well in the first place they could potentially be recovered. Otherwise if they are in very poor condition they will sadly, end up in landfill.

A rusty old gas bbq

Old BBQ’s and Gas Bottles

Try listing your BBQ on TradeMe for $1, it may be reused or harvested for parts. Gas bottles can be dropped off at resource recovery centre as long as they are empty. Don’t put them in recycling bins as they are dangerous and are considered Hazardous. Matagas also offer a drop off service – you can read more about that here.

Unused paint

Paint Recycling

Disposing of spare old paint responsibly is a big topic. There are effective stewardship programs in place at Placemakers and Resenes. Click here to have a read of our blog about it and where you can take your paint. If the paint is dry and old it if safe to be added to general waste.

Household Chemical Disposal

Do not put household chemicals and garden chemicals into your council bin! They will end up in landfill and become a cocktail of poison which undoubtedly will eventually affect the water table and if not your health, or that of your descendants and the environment.


When the tyres on your vehicle are changed the supplier needs to keep the old ones. They are collected from them for shredding and granulating to be recycled into other products such as roading and playground surfaces. Click here to learn more about tyre recycling and where to take your tyres.

Tips for Junk Removal in Your Area

Junk Removal West Auckland

Household rubbish removal in West Auckland for furniture and larger items is possible by using the council resource recovery centres at The Concourse in Henderson beside the transfer station, or Helensville where there is a resource recovery centre. Clarks Wholesalers in Henderson may also accept your second hand large whiteware.

Junk Run West Auckland service areas include Te Atatu, Hobsinville, Titrangi, Henderson, Glen Eden, New Lynn, and Glendene.

Junk Removal South Auckland

If you are looking for household rubbish removal options in South Auckland there is a council resource recovery centre in Waiuku, and most recently a new resource recovery centre has just opened in Onehunga at 12 Victoria Street. These resource recovery places are great to pick up a cost-effective second-hand bargain.

Junk Run South Auckland service areas include Mt. Wellington, Onehunga, Otahuhu, Mangare, Papatoetoe, Auckland Airport and Manukau.

Junk Removal North Shore

For Junk and rubbish removal on the North Shore there is the Devonport Resource recovery centre on Lake Road. They take household items and furniture if it is in good working condition. You will need to take them there yourself and they may turn down items if they can’t be sold. If you are in the Whangapaoraoa/ Stanmore Bay area North of Auckland there are also centres in Warkworth and Wellsford transfer stations.

Junk Run North Shore service areas include Takapuna, Glenfield, Albany, and Orewa.

Junk Removal Eastern Suburbs

Densely populated suburbs tend to have a good range of active charity shops that will take most household junk. Look up Restore, Hospice, SPCA, St Vincent de Paul, Women’s Refuge or Refugee Centres. Many of whom will pick up from you, again they will choose items that will sell. Failing that Junk Run will make sure that your unwanted items end up in the community.

Junk Run East Auckland service areas include Remuera, Glen Innes, Howick and Bucklands Beach.

Inner city suburbs and the CBD

If you want your junk to benefit the community and local charities, your best choice is Junk Run or Habitat for Humanity. With restricted parking, loading zones and busy pedestrian walkways a swift and efficient service is essential.

Junk Run Central Auckland service areas include Ponsonby, Parnell, Mount Albert, Point Chevalier, Newmarket and the CBD.

Over 70% of the junk we remove gets reallocated, reused, recycled and diverted away from landfill. 

Learn more about our focus on sustainability.

A junk removal truck by the beach in Auckland.

Easy Payment

Our trucks have mobile facilities on board to take payment on the spot. Debit cards, credit cards, direct credit, or smart invoicing for business.

Image of person counting money.

Simple Fees

You only pay for the space you take up in the truck.

Hands showing a heart in front of a tree.

Reusing and Reallocating

We will remove your waste but will ensure that anything that has another life lives again.

Call us for help with your Auckland Junk Removal.

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