Junk Removal & Inorganic Collection

Call Us for a Chat!
Call Us for a Chat!

Just leave the junk where it is, we will collect your junk from around (or even under) your residential, construction or commercial site, and sweep up afterwards! You’ve got better things to do – just tell us where your Junk is and we’ll do the rest.

Junk and furniture stacked up.

Junk Removal with Junk Run

We’ll come and take a look at how much Junk you want to go, give you a quote, if you like the price we’ll take it away on the spot. You only pay for the space you take up in the truck and we’re the perfect alternative to space wasting skips that your neighbours fill up too! We load, sweep up and we’re off!

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Junk Run at an Auckland kindergarten.

The Really Exciting Part

We avoid landfill at all costs – even though this isn’t an easy option. Working with our partners we reallocate whatever has another life back into the community to live again. Contributing to the circular economy takes more effort, but everyone at Junk Run™ is passionate about our environment and supporting our local communities.

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A "Junk Runner" carrying a stack of chairs.

Avoid Health & Safety Risks

Let us take the risk. All our team are Site Safe, First Aid, and Health and Safety Trained. All “Junk Runners” have regular training and audits and we are certified by Prequal. We have experience and expertise working around busy people and tight spaces.

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Over 70% of the junk and waste we collect gets reused, reallocated, recycled and diverted away from landfill. 

Learn more about our sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

A junk removal truck by the beach in Auckland.

Easy Payment

We carry mobile eftpos machines to make payment simple for you.

Image of person counting money.

Simple Fees

You only pay for the space you take up in the truck.

Hands showing a heart in front of a tree.

Reusing and Reallocating

We will remove your waste but will ensure that anything that has another life lives again.

Call us to discuss your Junk Removal needs.

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