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How do I get rid of an old mattress?

Old mattress disposal

In this crazy COVID lockdown world we now live in, many of us have spent more time in our houses. We have been working from home, sleeping (or trying to), home schooling kids, living in our bubbles – housebound. All this extra time at home has meant more time to rethink our surroundings and furniture comfort. Expensive overseas holidays are currently well and truly off the agenda. So many of us have decided it is time to invest in a new mattress.

NZ Bed retailers reported a huge spike in sales through and post lockdown. The result? As a professional furniture removal company, we have been inundated with calls to remove old mattresses. The day that the new mattress arrives is always magical. You set it up and anticipate spending your first night in dreamy sleepy bliss. However, with this excitement comes the cold hard reality of what to do with the old mattress?

Can I recycle an old mattress?

Recycling an old mattress is not straightforward. They are made from many different materials including wood, metal or plastic springs, foam, padding, and fabric. Old mattresses are also big and heavy. Currently in the Auckland area there are no official mattress recycling schemes in place. Many of them literally end up in our landfills – and will end up being buried. If you can manage to lift and carry your old mattress and you have a trailer or a vehicle big enough to transport it safely, then you have several options.

If my old mattress is still in good condition.

Is your mattress genuinely still in good condition? Is it still comfortable? No broken springs, ripped fabric, mould or stains? Some second-hand charity shops may be interested to take it. You will usually need to take it to them though. Always call ahead before you make your trip, as some charities have a policy not to take any mattresses, and others may well be overloaded with current stock and unable to take any more. Expect them to check your mattress very carefully and be prepared for them to politely reject it if it does not meet their standards.

Where can I take my old mattress?

Tipping Point in Henderson (located at the Waitakere Transfer Station on The Concourse) can also take good quality second-hand mattresses. They offer them to the public for sale. You will need to drive it yourself to them and they will check it over before accepting it or not. If they reject it, you are literally right next door to the tip which makes things easier. You can also try selling your old mattress yourself on Trade Me or Facebook Marketplace or Neighbourly if you want. Make sure you take good photos, showing any defects if there are any. Ensure you get the size measured correctly and explain the general suburb that you are located in- so people know where to pick up from.

What if my old mattress is not in good condition?

Beware of condensation if it is stored against a cold wall or on a concrete floor. We are often called to move mattresses stored in garages or under carports that are damp, have gone mouldy or become a great nesting spot for rodents. If your mattress has been exposed to rodents or it is mouldy- then they are only going to end up in landfill. If your mattress is lumpy, stained, smelly or has broken springs- then it is going to end up in landfill.

Reusing an old mattress

What about Auckland Council Inorganic Rubbish Collections?

Once a year Auckland Council offers a free inorganic collection service for a limited time in each area. They will take up to 1 cubic metre per rate paying household per year. Unfortunately, many larger mattresses are already bigger than 1 cubic metre, so they will not get collected for free. You can read more about Auckland Council Inorganic Collections at our blog here.

If you don’t have access to a strong helper or a vehicle to transport your mattress- you can call in a professional Auckland Council licensed waste removal company like Junk Run. We assess your unwanted items based on how many cubic metres your mattress (and anything else) will likely take up. We have a two cubic metre minimum fee to cover transportation costs to and from your property. If your mattress has another life- we will drop it off to one of the charities we know will be able to use it again. If it cannot be re-used then we will dispose of it responsibly at the transfer station.

Give us a call if we can help send your mattress to a better place. If you are looking to buy a more sustainable mattress – we strongly recommend the Sleepyhead Zero Mattress which is made from recycled materials and can be fully recycled again at the end of it’s life. You can see a video about that here. Junk Run 021 586 544