Fast, great-value old office furniture removal in Auckland

Fast, great-value old office furniture removal in Auckland

Are you planning an office clearance, office move, office renovation, or furniture upgrade?  Or do you simply want to free up space by removing old office furniture clutter?

All it takes is one call and we’ll take care all your unwanted office furniture, including office chairs and desks.  We can also remove office tables, shelving, filing cabinets, e-waste, old couches and more.

Sustainable office furniture removal in Auckland

No job is too big or too small. We can manage everything from huge office furniture removal jobs – to taking individual items off your hands.  It’s a cost-effective skip bin alternative because we take everything immediately, freeing up your space. All office furniture clearance is charged by the cubic metre. This means you only pay for the space taken up in our removal truck.  

Better still, we will put your unwanted office furniture to work for great causes .  As Auckland’s most sustainable waste management company, we will do everything possible to give your old office furniture a second life.

Office furniture disposal

How our office furniture removal and disposal service works

If you want your old office furniture removed with a minimum of fuss and hassle, then you’ve come to the right place. We can quickly, efficiently – and safely – work around busy people in busy office and commercial spaces.  

And no worries if there’s a whole lot of other unwanted rubbish mixed amongst your old office furniture.  Our experienced team can sort and separate it, taking care of the office junk you don’t want to keep.

Office clearance in all parts of Auckland

Junk Run takes care of office furniture disposal in all parts of Auckland, including central city, North Shore, West Auckland, South Auckland, Eastern Suburbs, etc.

Clear the clutter and get the most from your office space – contact us for a free, no-obligation estimate.

A huge office furniture removal job

Pouring rain, a huge mountain of office furniture for removal, narrow corridors and a busy building entrance used by hundreds of people all day long. It was a challenging job. 

However, our Auckland client didn’t have to worry about a thing because we took care of quickly and safely getting rid of all their old office furniture in preparation for a big new fit-out.

Used office furniture ready to remove

Even by our standards, at 150 cubic metres – that’s around 12 truck loads – it was a big office furniture disposal job.  In all, there were around 50 desks to take away, along with 50 or so mobile drawer units.  There were also lots of meeting tables and chairs, credenzas, tambour units, electronic whiteboards, cupboards, shelving units, filing cabinets and monitor stands.

We used extra-large trucks to speed up the process, which ended up taking five members of our junk removal team a total of 10 hours.  They did a fantastic job, keeping all of the removed office furniture dry during loading and off-loading.  What’s more, there was minimal impact on people working in the office.

We’re pleased to report that 130 cubic metres of the used office furniture that we collected was given to a well-known charity. They distributed it through South Auckland and also sold some to support their fundraising. The rest (mainly damaged metal items) were recycled.  

The great news is that we were able to keep everything other than a small quantity of broken furniture and old unusable stationary out of the landfill.

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