Old pain tin

We wish to share with you some tips on how to get rid of your old paint in a responsible way. Many types of junk and waste can be reused and recycled and this includes old paint.

Dulux and Resene paint shops in Auckland run paint recycling product stewardship schemes and will take back half used paint cans. The general public can also drop off paint for no charge to the Waitakere Refuse centre and Constellation Drive refuse centre on the North Shore. Many community groups and theatre groups may also be interested in paint – so it can be worth advertising locally to see if you can find a home for them. Paint is horribly toxic in landfill so never throw it into your landfill bin or the tip.

What Can Be Returned to these Resene and Dulux shops?

    • Water based paints and paint packaging
    • Solvent based paints and paint packaging
    • Polyurethanes (Resene only)
    • Empty paint cans/pails/lids*
    • Empty tinter cans
    • Protective coatings, two packs and hardeners **
    • Textured coatings **

For health and safety purposes, all paint presented for recycling must be in the original packaging, well-sealed and with the label/printing legible.
* remove the lid and allow the contents to dry out before recycling
** Altex, Resene and Rockcote brands accepted only at approved Resene centres

What Happens To It After It Is Recycled?

Water based paint is supplied to community groups for uses such as council/community anti-graffiti work. In the PaintWise scheme paint unusable in the community is directed to local construction applications.
Solvent based paint is sent to solvent recovery to extract the solvents for reuse by other companies.

Where possible metal and plastic containers are recycled.