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Skip Bin Hire Comparison

Skip Bin Hire vs Hands-on Junk Removal

Skip bin hire in Auckland

Skip Bin Hire Versus a Hands-On Junk Removal Service

Skip Bin hire in Auckland is often used as a junk removal service because there are plenty of operators with a variety of sizes on offer to choose from.  They may seem cheap, fast and easy to use but there are some big hidden costs you need to be aware of when you hire a skip bin. Here are some things to take into account when considering the pros and cons of skip bin hire versus using a hands-on junk removal service.

Skip bin hire companies in Auckland are not as green as they say they are

Despite the marketing claims, skip bins are not an environmentally sound option because much of what goes into a skip gets dumped. Most skip bin companies in Auckland have drivers working on contract (like couriers) who are paid on a “per skip emptied” basis, so their incentive is to get the skip to the tip as fast as possible so they can get back out to the next one.

In the Auckland region skip bin companies run their pick-ups on in geographical zones. This means if you hire a skip bin in West Auckland then the contents will probably end up at the Waitakere Transfer Station on the Concourse. South Auckland Skip Bins will end up at (Papakura or Pukekohe Transfer stations) and so on for skip hire East Auckland and North Shore Auckland skip hire.

Skip Bins in Auckland – The Real Cost

skip bin with full of waste

There are many hidden costs associated with skip hire, for example:

Skip hire is time consuming: How many phone calls and how long did it take you or one of your team to make the booking? Then, once the skip arrives someone at your end needs to be on hand to make sure it gets put in the right place.

Filling the skip bin is hard work: It takes time and labour to fill a skip, and it’s hard work!

Health and safety risks:  There’s a high risk of accidents, sprains and injuries associated with the lifting and throwing involved in loading a skip bin.  This can lead to time off with ACC – not to mention lots of paperwork for the Health and Safety rep if you are a business.

Paying for air: It is hard to make the most of a skip’s capacity because items dumped in them tend to land like a big “pick up sticks” pile, on top of each other with big air gaps in between. Things get broken and smashed during this process, and often need cutting down to fit in.

Paying for water: Wet weather can cause construction materials like gib to double or triple in weight, which can mean your skip is now overweight and extra charges will get added on.

Others dump their rubbish in your bin: Sneaky dumping is a big issue and having others put their rubbish in your skip can be an expensive problem.

Having a skip on-site is a pain: Skips get in the way and it can be inconvenient to have your drive-way, loading zone or car park being blocked while its there. In public areas there are health and safety issues to consider and you may need to cover the skip with a net to prevent the wind blowing things out and fence off the area to stop curious people having a pick through. They are often graffiti ridden eyesores too.

Skip Bin Sizes

Skip bins in Auckland can take up valuable parking space

The common skip bin sizes are usually 3m3, 4.5m3, 6m3, 9m3 and even 12m3 or 20m3. That may seem convenient but when you hire a skip bin in Auckland they come with a big list of “no’s”.

Junk Run has 12m3 trucks but no job is too big or too small.  What’s more, we can say “yes” to most things including furniture, tyres, polystyrene, construction waste, e-waste and lighting.

Our expert team will load the truck efficiently so you will only pay for the space taken in the truck – whether you have 2m3, 12m3 or more. We can get into places where a skip cannot. If you are building then it makes sense to keep your builders building and leave the rubbish removal up to us as the experts.

We hand sort, separate and load to maximise what can be saved from landfill, making sustainability a priority for anything that can be used again. As Auckland’s most sustainable waste management company we reallocate items through our extensive network of charities, community groups and social enterprises. We also give things to people who fix and repair items and commercial recycling facilities – ensuring nothing ends up in landfill unnecessarily.

Our pricing compares very favourably to the real cost of using skips when you take labour, hassle and other factors into account.

Bin Hire – Communities Miss Out

Skip bin raiders can create a huge mess

Skip Bins and Flexibins seem like an easy choice but the environment and community groups pay the price. This is because your unwanted items will end up in the tip rather than being repurposed or reallocated to someone who can use them.

It breaks our heart when perfectly good stuff gets dumped. That’s why our mission is to “send your junk to a better place”.

We love finding smarter ways to reuse unwanted items and avoid adding to New Zealand’s landfill woes. This means we tirelessly work to find homes for every little thing that can be reused. For example, we reallocate unwanted home or office furniture to someone else’s office or home. Building waste is given to those who can reuse it. Cardboard, timber, metals, glass and aggregate are recycled.

We are New Zealand’s only waste company to have International ECO warranty certification and Akina Foundation accreditation What’s more, all our team are Health and Safety (Site Safe) and First Aid certified.

Unlike skip bin hire, hands-on waste removal is fast and cost-effective

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