Suncorp and Junk Run’s partnership began in 2017, when Suncorp commenced the construction works for its office move into a newly refurbished ‘smart’ workspace in Auckland’s Vero Centre. The new workspace was designed to support a more flexible and collaborative style of working, and realised a reduction in footprint and improved energy efficiency, reflecting Suncorp’s commitment to minimising its environmental impact.

Refurbishing the five floors to support new ways of working meant that a lot of usable office furniture and other items were no longer needed.

“We wanted to make sure we disposed of the furniture responsibility, so partnered with Junk Run to arrange the sustainable reuse of our old equipment,” Real Estate Manager, Sean Devoy said.

“Junk Run spent 639 hours collecting 1430 cubic metres of commercial waste, which they then sorted and removed to put to good use in the community.”

Fionna Gotts, CEO of Junk Run said that often this kind of waste ends up being broken down and recycled or sent to landfill.

“Suncorp’s furniture was good quality and still in great condition. Junk Run was able to reallocate and reuse almost everything to community groups in need, both in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

“With this approach, everyone wins. Suncorp saved large volumes of quality furniture from landfill, and communities were given items they desperately needed,” said Fionna.

Some of the items were used to replace dilapidated furniture at Queen Salote College, a girl’s school in Nuku’alofa, Tonga.

Old furniture removed from queen salote college, Tonga.

Crockery, whiteware and kitchen items were donated to Hospice New Zealand, which will be sold to raise funds to support the vital service Hospice provides.

Earthquake emergency packs were also distributed to various community support groups in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Approximately 190 desks were distributed though community groups operating in South Auckland. These are now being used as dining tables in homes that otherwise wouldn’t have had a surface to eat off, or to do homework on. Around 200 tambours were also sent to the same homes to serve as cupboards and wardrobes.

Junk Run worked alongside the Suncorp team identifying, sorting, removing and delivering office furniture, office wares, builders waste and building materials to their appropriate charitable partners for distribution back into the community – a win win for everyone.