Paul from Twin Solutions building knows a thing or two about sustainable building practices and that adding eco-friendly, environmentally sustainable features to your home doesn’t have to cost the earth (literally) and can, in fact, save you a lot of money over time. Efficient insulation, smart waste water management systems and LED lighting are some of the very cost-effective ways to make your home eco-friendly. Paul and his team do everything they can to focus on sustainability, using organic and environmentally friendly materials where practical to save money and create a healthier living environment. During the build process itself they do everything possible to minimise waste and reuse or recycle whatever they can.

Junk Run and Twin Solutions have worked together for the past few years. Junk Run offers a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative for Paul and his team to the traditional builder’s solutions of skip bins and flexi bins.

Junk Run come to Paul’s sites whilst his team are busy ripping out or demolishing and we help clear the waste, keeping the builders building. All of our team are site safe certified and save Paul and Twin Solutions money – by getting into tight building sites and clearing the waste in one go on the day required. This saves Paul’s team from carrying large quantities of renovation leftovers to a skip outside, and throwing them in, potentially causing injuries and inefficient loading.

Over time Junk Run have helped teach the builders more effective ways to remove unwanted materials to save as much as possible to maximise the diversion away from landfill. The reporting we do for Paul also means he can maximise green star and home star building credits for his clients.