Talking Trash with Junk Run Episode 3 – Polystyrene Recycling

A polystyrene recycling machine

Welcome to Talking Trash with Junk Run Episode 3. In this episode we look at polystyrene recycling in Auckland. We found some old polystyrene packaging that was used for a new shower – dumped outside a building. The question is – where can we take it so it doesn’t end up in landfill or even worse our oceans? Polystyrene is horribly toxic made with the cancer causing chemicals Benzine and Styrene, which leach into the earth and water if they are buried. Due to its lightweight nature, polystyrene easily breaks up into small pieces and gets washed by rain down drains out to sea. Today we take you to meet Peter from Abilities who is able to compress clean polystyrene into big heavy blocks which can be reused to manufacture several common items, reducing the need to fell millions of trees around the world. We also give you some helpful tips on how to reduce and sustainably dispose of any polystyrene you may acquire.