Reused old car tyres

Tyres are a huge issue in the country. We’re almost at three cars per household when only 30 years ago we were barely one. We don’t have the population to support serious recycling, which results in mountains of tyres dotted throughout the country.
Did you know that when you get your tyre changed the tyre company has already charged you for the disposal for the old one in the cost of the new one.

Auckland has many facilities and organisations that will reuse or recycle old junk and waste. When tyres are dropped off at the right places, they can be taken to a plant in West Auckland to be recycled by splitting, chopping, chipping, shredding and granulating them for different applications, which often can replace natural resources which benefit the environment.

Note there is often a small drop off fee per tyre, so ideally you get your tyres changed at a professional tyre shop where they will dispose of them sustainably. Professional waste companies like ours can take your tyres to the right place, but we have to on-charge the drop off fees we get billed – which are much higher than the fees you would get charged for doing the same thing yourself.
If you are very resourceful, tyres can be used for art and upcycling projects or even children’s swings, made into garden seats, used for growing potatoes inside or other creative work. Encourage your family members not to hoard them.

Here are some places that will accept your old tyres and dispose of them responsibly.

J&J Laughton Shredding Services Ltd

Drop off/collection
15a Bancroft Crescent

09 818 2156
[email protected]

Helensville Community Recycling Centre

​The Helensville recycling centre is run by Helensville Enterprises Trust (a local community trust).

31 Mill Road

022 430 3622
[email protected]

Waitākere Refuse and Recycling Centre

50 The Concourse
09 301 0101